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Office & Commercial Leasing

We take care of all your needs and assure you the best possible deal !

Our tenant representation and advisory services are absolutely free of charge** for the tenant. As with most real estate transactions, a brokerage commission is paid by the landlord (seller's) representative.
Landlords (owners) negotiate day in and day out and will always have the upper hand if you are not properly represented. We will leverage each scenario to your financial advantage.


Whether you need to upgrade, relocate or renew your office or retail space lease, we take care of all your needs and make sure you get the best possible deal. We allow you to gage the market and make informed decisions.


The profitability of your business is directly impacted by the cost of leasing space. A savings of 30¢/ Square Foot for 10,000 SqFt for 5 years translates to a savings of $15,000. In order to benefit from all these advantages, you need to be properly represented. With over 38 years experience in the Canadian commercial real estate market, and a proven track record of negotiation we will get you the most effective lease and save you thousands of dollars.


Be in the same powerful and informed position as landlords and sellers. 

We make sure you get fair market value. We create and leverage opportunities in the marketplace in order to secure you the most advantageous transaction structure.

No need to take time away from your business, since we take care of comparing and evaluating different lease options, a task that may be outside of your area of expertise.

Strategy & planning. Guesswork is out. Strategy is in !

Together we'll design an efficient space strategy to meet your needs (complete study of pricing & spaces according to your needs) To achieve the best lease transaction it's important to plan ahead. Ideally, you should plan your relocation, renewal or expansion, 12 to 18 months ahead.
We will design a space-need strategy to meet your growth plans, workforce base, client base, desired environment and preferred location.

(**some exceptions apply in the leasing of retail space in regional malls where the retail tenant renumerates the broker for his services instead of landlord)



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